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Red Rock Pictures

Impacts of natural gas drilling in the Southwest.

Emmy Award
Outstanding News and Documentary Research

Rutgers University

Project Director, Development & Fundraising

Hallmark Entertainment Rescue Series-multiple episodes
Ordinary people risk their lives to rescue others in life threatening situations.

Hallmark Entertainment Adoption Series-multiple episodes
Intimate portraits in a variety of adoption scenarios.

University of Massachusetts Boston and Mierendorf Educational Programming
Give Us Your Poor
(Work in Progress)
A film about homelessness and the working poor in America.

Home Box Office (HBO): Broken Child
A film about the effects of early childhood deprivation and abuse and their impact on emotional and cognitive development. The film analyzes the socially destructive impact of early life trauma on children and young adults. Narrated by Susan Sarandon.

Directors Guild of America
Nomination Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentary Filmmaking
Golden Eagle Award
Columbus International film and Video Festival
The Chris
National Council on Family Relations Media Awards
First Place
Prism Award
Robert Wood Johnson, National Institute on Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Entertainment Industries Council
National Institute of Health


Home Box Office (HBO): Without Pity
An in-depth look at the personal struggles of people with disabilities for acceptance and their emergence into society. Narrated by Christopher Reeve.

Prime Time Emmy Award
Outstanding Informational Special

Prime Time Emmy Award Nomination
Best Editing
U.S. International Film & Video Festival
First Place "Gold Camera Award"
CINE Golden Eagle Award


NBC Movie of the Week: Shattered Mind
A drama starring Heather Locklear about a woman with dissociative disorders and multiple personality disorder based on my original work.

ABC Turning Point: Deadly Meat
An investigation of the Jack-In-The-Box E.coli outbreak on the west coast and the failure of industry and government inspection to protect the public.

Home Box Office (HBO): Multiple Personalities
An unprecedented look at the amazing capacity of the mind to survive abuse through the splitting off of personalities (collaboration with Gloria Steinem).

Emmy Award
Outstanding Individual News and Documentary Achievement
New York International Film and Video Festivals
Gold Medal
Houston International Film Festival
Gold Medal
CINE Golden Eagle Award


Home Box Office (HBO): Losing It All: The Reality of Alzheimer's Disease
An intimate look at five victims of Alzheimer's Disease and the remarkable families who care for them.

American Film and Video Festival
Blue Ribbon
Emmy Award Nomination
Outstanding Individual Achievement Documentary Programming
New York International Film & Video Festivals
Gold Medal
CINE Golden Eagle Award
National Education Association
Silver Medal
Houston International Film Festival
Bronze Award
International Documentary Association Awards


Frontline: Anatomy of An Oil Spill
An investigation into the many system failures leading to the grounding of the EXXON Valdez.

Chicago International Film Festival
Gold Plaque Award


Frontline: Who's Killing Calvert City?
A look at the conflicting forces in a struggle between local environmentalists and industry in a small Kentucky town dependent upon industry for its livelihood.

American Film and Video Festival
Red Ribbon


The Moore Report: Where There's Smoke
Documentary about smoking addiction and how No Smoking policies affected the lives of smokers in a hospital and factory.

Emmy Award


Frontline: AIDS: A Story
Co-production with The Moore Report. The story of an AIDS victim who defied and challenged the system.

Chicago Film Festival
Silver Plaque Award


Special Report: AIDS
A profile of a dying AIDS victim.

United Press International
Individual Achievement: Reporting - 2nd place
Sigma Delta Chi
Feature: First Place


The Moore Report: A Time To Weep: Sudan
Documentary report on the African famine.

National Broadcast News Association
Outstanding Achievement

United Press International
Individual Achievement: Reporting - First Place
Delta Chi Page One Awards
In-depth Reporting: First Place

National Press Photographers Association
Documentary: First Place


Frontline: A Hollow Victory: Vietnam Under Communism
A look at the political, economic and social status of Vietnam ten years after the end of the war. The first American crew back after the fall in 1975. CO-production with The Moore Report.
Field producer/sound.

George Foster Peabody
Documentary: First Place

Dupont Columbia
The Moore Report Series (Hallow Victory and Central Manor) Documentary: Silver Baton
IRIS National Association of TV Programming Executives
Public Affairs Programming: First Place
Press International
Documentary: First Place

Broadcast Media Award
Outstanding Documentary


The Moore Report: The Betrayal
The sexual abuse of children. Investigates perpetrators and victims.

Emmy Award

American Film Festival
Documentary: First Place
Delta Chi Page One Awards
In-depth reporting: First Place

National Headliner Award
Outstanding Documentary

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